Notaries In Spain

A Notary Public in Spain is a legal professional at the same time, classified as a State Civil Servant. This dual-status ensures independence and useful service.

As a highly qualified legal professional, a notary assists and offers advice regarding the most suitable legal means to achieve the objectives sought by the client, guaranteeing that the legal act or transaction conforms most strictly to the law.

As a civil servant, who enters the office through a stringent system of examination, a notary has been delegated by the State and Public Trust in the extrajudicial legal field. Notarial intervention provides documents granting special effects in terms of authenticity and veracity, thus providing legal certainty to both the individual and the State.

In Spain, there are some 3000 notaries throughout the entire territory and organised by Notary Colleges. Fees for their services are charged based on a state approved tariff.